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Who could have such a great name that it would fit right into a movie of comic book series and impress all of the guys that meet her as well as many of the girls? Carmen Electra would be her name which is a change from her original name or Tara Leigh Patrick. Carmen Electra is more than just a sexy actress she is also a model for many modeling companies, a singer and dancer plus just simply a very likable sex symbol of the 2000s. She is one lady that everybody knows about when her name is mentioned not only because it is an unusual name but also because she is such an unusual creature. Her good looks and beauty are what helped Carmen to rocket to stardom which is all about the looks which turn heads. There would be no indication that Carmen is soon to turn 40 years old in several years from now because she still looks like a gorgeous looking teenager.

Carmen started her career back in 1996 with her first showing on TV in Baywatch Nights as the character Candy. The next year she played in a role in a show called Good Burger which was not overly successful however still a small following has mostly because she is in it. Baywatch started for her in 1997 which was a big step for her career and was one role which many people saw her in which was another step in the right direction for her career. Carmen also appeared in one episode of the hit TV comedy Just Shoot Me. She also appeared I one of the early Simpsons episodes in 2002. Monster Island came out in 2004 which was another so so production which starred Carmen Electra. Another animated series which is the very popular cartoon American Dad. In the TV show Joey with Joey out of Friends Carmen plays a role of herself which is part of her life in New York. Lately we have seen Carmen Electra in the UK TV show Perfect Catch which is a hit show that fans of Carmen should not miss out on.

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